Don't let others determine who you are or hold you back from reaching your dreams.

Do you often feel that other people judge you? That others have a tone of accusations about you. Other people only think based on what they see without having a deeper understanding.

I want to share with you why you shouldn't let other people's poor judgments allow you to hinder yourself from going on a path that genuinely fulfills you.

Whether this is going on a different path than other people had expected from you, trying out new things, signing up for new hobbies, or changing your mindset about something, you will always have naysayers in your life trying to hold you back.

There will always be people that feel triggered by you and your new thoughts and ideas. And what I have come to realize is that they feel triggered because something within you changed. And now that something within you changed, people are triggered. You aren't the same person you have been for so long. You know that you won't have to live restricted anymore. You realize that you don't have to live up to other people's expectations anymore. You recognize that fears and worries aren't there to hold you back but rather be the catalyst in overcoming them and moving closer to your goals.

These people don't know how to handle this new situation most of the time. Some of them are scared that you will move on without them. Some are triggered because they see you doing what they don't dare to do. A lot of people let the feeling of restriction hold them back. Many people don't dare to change things up to live a more full-filled life. And many people feel triggered when they see you do it, especially when they know that you were once scared, just like them. But now, you become aware of who you truly are that no limitation in this world is holding you back from going for what you truly want. Even if that only results in trying.

Have you always had dreams or goals that other people don't understand? Or do people generally not get you. They can't wrap their heads around why you are the way you are.

Based on personal experience, this could be because people are close-minded about many things. You can have the most fantastic idea or vision about a project you want to bring to light; there will always be people who don't agree with it or have something negative to say.

And that is why you shouldn't be so concerned about what other people think. They will always talk and have opinions, no matter what you do. You are not meant to convince other people of your greatness. Everybody in this world has a different talent and different understanding of things. Some people won't understand you, and even if they try, they might never get you. But others might dream about meeting someone like you and can't wait to hear about you and your ideas. There will always be people who understand you and people who won't. So if you keep yourself small and won't go for what you truly want, you will never know what amazing people, situations, and opportunities await you. 🧡

PS: Once you attracted what you worked so hard for and established a beautiful life for yourself, you start finding naysayers of your past becoming your secret admirers. They won't be able to wrap their heads around how you did it. Either they try to befriend you and pretend as if they never held you back, or they secretly explode with jealousy. (I know it sounds "mean," but it's sadly the truth) I often experienced that my so-called "friends" started to show their true feelings and facial expressions when I succeeded in something or shared a passionate project with them. Suddenly they weren't my friends anymore and headed off with my ideas.

I have realized that no one will be as successful with your ideas as you. Others can try taking what's not theirs, but they won't succeed.

So take your power back and go for the things that light a fire within you. Don't let yourselves be held back by people that only drain your energy. :)