When others guilt trip you for being different.

How do people use toxic manipulation tactics to make you insecure, doubt yourself, and become extremely anxious?

Here are my thoughts. You see the unnecessary trouble that others oppose on others. Furthermore, you observe toxic behaviors that others already internalized as normal behaviors. You see unfairness where others pretend there isn't any. You constantly question people and situations that give you the worst gut feeling.

Are you familiar with the accusations of "Why are you always causing trouble/being problematic?", "Why can't you just be like the others, normal?", "Why do you always have to be different/difficult?", "Why are you always criticizing me?", "Don't you get a joke?". You feel like the group's black sheep for speaking up about unfairness, but nobody wants to listen because they already accepted toxic behavior as their reality.

People who normalized toxic behaviors have already accepted that speaking up, telling the truth, or standing up against unfair behavior is not a safe thing to do. So they keep themselves in a submissive position, playing small, and they want YOU to do the same.

Some people have been so manipulated into believing that they are doing the right thing that you stir trouble when you come around telling them that something isn't right. Then you are the one that's causing a problem, and you are the one to blame for issues. But all you are doing is shining light onto things that haven't been fair, truthful, or correct.

Toxic behavior has already infiltrated so many different areas of our lives, such as workplaces, family dynamics, friendship circles, and relationships, that many people have normalized these behaviors. This normalization of behaviors becomes problematic for people who see through manipulation and the lies that others tell to get what they want.

Many manipulated people don't recognize you as a light tower that shines light onto all the things going wrong. They see you as the one that brings trouble into the group. They thought that everything was fine until you came into play. But because they are so blinded by toxic behavior, they will do anything to shut you quiet. Imposing guilt on you makes you feel insecure and anxious. Because in their eyes, YOU are the issue. You bring trouble into the picture.

In reality, you shine light onto the imbalance that was always there.

It might just be that you tried to thrive in a toxic environment. But you always wondered why you couldn't succeed, why you are feeling left incredibly anxious, ridden by self-doubt and insecurities.

That might be because toxic people have guilt-tripped you for so long. Making you feel guilty not just for all sorts of things but, most notably, making you feel guilty about who you are as an individual. As if something was wrong with you.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with you, especially when you know that you are an extremely harmonious person in nature. And trouble always comes to play whenever you find yourself in a group environment. It might be that you are being born as a light tower that is meant to shine light onto dark situations and people.

Finally, toxic people or people with unhealthy traits are so miserable because they are dimming the light of every single "light tower" person that is crossing their path. Instead of seeing these individuals as a blessing, they will do anything to shut you quiet to continue their toxicity. They will never change. They will never see the fault within them. They will always blame you.

Once you understand that you are not the issue and can't help these kinds of toxic people, you will realize how your inner light tower is starting to become brighter and brighter. :)

I hope this post has helped you in some way. 💗

PS: You may often wonder why you find yourself in complicated group dynamics where you often find toxic behaviors. Whenever you feel imbalanced, it usually has to do with other people disrupting your inner peace. Remember that you are there to shine bright. Be the light tower that helps others in the dark find their way. 💛