Why do I feel so blocked?

How escapism is holding you back from unblocking the stagnancy you are in.

We all know the feeling of being blocked, where we feel as if nothing is working out for us. We get the feeling as if nothing is moving forward. And especially not in the direction that we had planned of moving things. We feel tired of trying so hard when everything seems to standstill. We feel like we've already tried everything we can, yet we still feel unsatisfied.

There can be many reasons why a person can feel stuck. One of the reasons I have realized is the sneaky distraction form called "escapism."

Do you find yourself constantly distracted by entertainment? By other people's drama, or some other form of distraction that is secretly taking you away from looking at the reality of your problems?

Could there be an unconscious "problem" that has been bothering you for a while, but you don't want to deal with it now? You are exhausted, and you hope that this issue will disappear with time. So, while you wish that this problem is disappearing on its own, you distract yourself for time to go by faster? Does that sound familiar? For me, it does.

I've been dwelling in so many stagnant phases in my life that I thought I had become an expert at getting back out of it fast and easy. But this time, I felt like dwelling in it for almost 1,5 years!! If somebody had asked me if I was unconsciously escaping/running away from looking at a deeper issue in my life that I secretly didn't want to deal with (to move ahead/feeling unblocked), I would have said "no way." Can you believe it?

Sometimes we practice escapism without even realizing that we are doing it. It happens so unconsciously. And, to be fair, it is such a convenient way of escaping reality and not having to deal with additional problems. It is so easy to escape into fake realities where you are not confronted with your issues but rather directed into being entertained by others. Nowadays, our lives are already pretty demanding, work is stressful, hustle culture is accurate, and on top of that, we should look deeper into why we are unsatisfied in life?

I believe that this feeling of being blocked or stagnant becomes worse and worse with time. It also has to become the ultimate worse for us to finally realize that this isn't normal and, most importantly, that we can change that. We don't have to stay stuck in a hole thinking that that's all life is providing for us. I also believe that when you realize that you want to change this, and you think you can, the ball of awareness starts to roll. You will suddenly find answers or ideas on moving forward - getting unstuck.

You might recognize that you are starting to do things differently. For example, you might not want to start your day by plugging into social media or being flooded by negative news. Or realize that instead of turning your tv on in the evenings, you prefer to write your thoughts in a journal. Instead of plugging into any form of entertainment to escape your thoughts and emotions, you try to listen to them.

You might ask yourself, "what is going on inside me"? Why do I feel so blocked? You might detect a hidden fear. Or could there be hidden insecurity possibly holding me back from doing something that would bring great satisfaction into my life?

But before we get to the point of asking ourselves this kind of question, the feeling of dissatisfaction and blocked turns more and more unbearable. If everything is great, why change things? Otherwise, we probably wouldn't change anything.

Thank you for already reading this far into my article and being curious about this work of mine. I am incredibly passionate about finding ways how we can generally better our lives. Leaving behind feelings of being blocked or stuck and instead of feeling empowered by the obstacles we can overcome and goals we are capable of reaching. Feeling satisfied with our lives and becoming the best version we can be.

I have already gone through so many stagnant phases in my life, and I always found my way back out again, even if I felt like I would never get out.

Every time we feel stuck, there might be a different reason behind it.

It might be that we are escaping the reality of wanting to deal with a specific problem in our lives. We don't want to resolve any issues because we are already busy with so many other things. So we are feeling stuck.

Another reason for feeling stuck might be that we are dwelling in the past. Not seeing that staying in the past for too long, maybe blaming other people for what they did to us, is not helping us move forward in the present moment.

There can be many reasons why we are feeling stuck.

I have come to realize that if we close our eyes to our reality, ignoring to look at the core issues that make us feel unsatisfied in our lives, we feel stuck.

And, as scary as it might seem to resolve uncomfortable issues in our lives, you might get surprised about how fast you can be back on track—applying simple solutions to resolve issues/problems that would bug you for far too long. You will be surprised how capable you can bring back your joy and satisfaction in life. Sometimes all it needs is a slight push in the right direction.

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Thank you for taking the time to read this article. I hope it has brought you some valuable insight. :)