What is Reiki?

Reiki is hands-on natural Healing using the universal life force energy.

The term stems from the Japanese words “rei,” meaning universal, and “ki,” which means vital life force energy that flows through all living things. Reiki is an abundant, gentle spiritual energy that is not tied to any specific religion or nationality.

Today, Reiki is used all over the world in places including hospitals and hospices. Mikao Usui developed this alternative healing modality in the early 1900s in Japan. It aids in healing by helping people become energetically, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually balanced.

How does a Reiki Session work?

A Reiki Healing Session is best held in a peaceful setting and can

be carried out from anywhere in the world. The client lies in

a comfortable position, fully dressed. 


The reiki practitioner gently places her hands just above the client's body in specific energy locations using a series of 12 to 15 different hand positions.

During a Distance Healing Session the practitioner is using specific technics and tools that allows the transmission of energy without touch. 

The length of time that the practitioner leaves her hands in each position is determined by the flow of energy through her hands at each location.

Energy is not confined and can transcend time and space. 

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The client experiences the energy as sensations such as heat, tingling or pulsing where the practitioner has placed her hands. Sometimes, the sensations are felt moving through the body. 


Some people do not perceive any change at all. Most people feel very relaxed and peaceful, and many fall asleep during the treatment.

What can I expect to feel? 

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When to book a Reiki Healing?

Many of us are living in such fast-paced lives that are full of responsibilities, obligations and expectations, which makes it difficult to achieve balance.

We all know very well - the stress, the tiredness, the persistent feeling of unwell that seems to stem from nowhere.

In the end, we push our body to do more and to take more. 

A result of that is an imbalance which can make us feel physically and emotionally unwell and can cause discomfort. 

I recommend booking a Reiki Healing if it truly speaks to you. Wether you seek an alternative healing modality that supports and complements your medical treatment or you simply seek a different approach on healing the self. Reiki always works towards your highest good, supports healing, and may help you change something about your every day habits that keep you from being balanced. 

Important Disclaimer

Please be aware that no service offered by me, Elena Feliciano, is intended, in any way – explicit, implicit, by implication, or in reference – to be a substitute or replacement for licensed medical care.

In addition, the information and techniques on this site do not constitute medical advice.

Healing and medicine are two very different disciplines. You should always remember to seek medical advice from a qualified doctor or practitioner in the case of serious illness.

Reiki sessions should be used with the understanding that Reiki is part of a holistic treatment. Reiki is not meant to take the place of standard medical or psychological treatment, but to accompany and work along with it.

The information contained on this site, and all of the services of Reiki are metaphysical in nature and

do not claim to cure anything.

Thank you for reading & understanding. :) 

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