Empowerment Coaching 
Becoming who you truly are. 

You find yourself in a certain phase in your life where you seek change and want to transform your life in a completely new direction.

Yet you have no idea where to start, and you find yourself having many obstacles in your life that keep you from achieving what you desire so much. In order to change an aspect of our lives, we always think of big, impossible steps that are too hard and too difficult to even begin with. But what if change is much faster and simpler than you think?

I went through my own healing journey and regained my confidence. I know what it's like. I used to beat myself up, telling myself that I wasn't good enough or professional enough. I thought that other people would always do better than me. I let others talk down on me without standing up for myself.

I was ridden by an incredible amount of negative self-talk, which sabotaged my own success and happiness. I let myself be held back by other people because I lacked confidence and self-esteem to live my life authentically.

You might think that accepting your current circumstances is the easiest and most convenient way. You are trying to convince yourself that your problems aren't that big or that others have worse problems. 

But why silently suffer when you can change something? You might not believe it yet, but you are absolutely capable of getting yourself out of any situation you have gotten into. There is always a way to change something that doesn't make you happy. No matter how big the obstacle is, we can build a bridge to cross it.


 Healing Journey

During the empowerment coaching and/or Reiki session, I will guide and 

support you through the transformational change you want to create in your life. 


Whether you are feeling stuck in life, dealing with emotional and physical burdens, or seeking alternative or complementary healing therapy, we are going to find out what is keeping you from reaching your highest potential and what is blocking you from living your life to the fullest. 

Empowerment Coaching and/or Reiki

We are going on a journey to find out what limiting beliefs or destructive patterns of behavior have kept you stuck from achieving what you have always dreamed about. We are going to search where these beliefs and habits originated from and transform them in a completely new direction.

We will reprogram your mind, allowing you to flourish and embody what you have kept hidden for way too long. 

Additionally, Reiki energy allows us to dissolve physical and emotional pain, which manifests as blocked energy in our bodies. Reiki helps with strengthening our own healing abilities and bringing our bodies back into a healthy balance. ​

With individualized tools and special practices, we create the change and health you desire so much.​ On this empowerment and healing journey, we will dive deep into bringing back your true nature, healthiness, happiness, and embrace who you truly are.

The Approach

Empowerment Coaching

- analyzing behaviors & mindsets that kept you feeling blocked

- uplifting and motivational goal-getting and practices 

overcoming obstacles and stepping closer to your goals💪🏼

Exploring possible root causes that keep you from blossoming and glowing. And restoring the naturally flourished, happy, healthy, and satisfied YOU.