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Welcome beautiful Soul

Yoga ● Empowerment Coaching • Healing

Empowerment Coaching
Feeling yourself again. 

Do you have this inner calling of wanting to change something in your life? Do you feel stuck, blocked, or deeply unsatisfied with your current situation in life? Yet you have no idea where to begin.

You have already felt it for a while, and you know it's time for a change, but your mind is making up so many brilliant excuses for staying in the comfort zone where everything is safe and familiar.

We often tell ourselves that things aren't too bad. We usually play our problems down and convince ourselves that everything is just fine. But deep down, we feel the incredible burden that won't just disappear by working harder or doing more. 


Free Workbook - finding out what you truly want


About Me

Hi there, I'm Elena. In the last few years I transformed my life in a complete new direction. I stepped away from my profession in real estate in search for more fulfillment in what I do by following my passion in helping others on their healing journeys. 


About Me

All my Services are offered in 
English & German.


What I can assist you with

You might feel

♒︎ stuck

♒︎ disempowered, not understood by others

♒︎ full of doubt and insecurities

♒︎ out of balance 

♒︎ frustrated and angry at the world

♒︎ always tired and exhausted 

You want others to

♒︎ appreciate and value you 

♒︎ take you seriously

♒︎ love you for who you are

♒︎ show you the respect you deserve

♒︎ love spending time with you

What I can help you with

✓ healing old wounds & insecurities

✓ establish mental/emotional balance & inner peace

✓ understanding insecurities and fears to release them

✓ create inner strength, focus and clarity

✓ built back confidence to take inspired action 

✓ discover empowerment 

✓ create healthy habits to feel more peace

✓ establish healthy boundaries & healthy relationships

✓ regulate your nervous system

Your Gain

✓ gain understanding & compassion for your story

✓ believe in yourself & dare the change

✓ become your most confident and empowered self

✓ strong mindset & mentality

✓ navigate difficult decisions successfully

✓ excitement for life & finding joy in everything

✓ living life with ease


My goal in working with you is to connect you deeper with yourself and help you figure out what you really want and need in this life to create the positive change you desire. 

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Interactive Workshops

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Empowerment Coaching


Yoga Classes

Choose your preferred approach

coming soon

The interactive Workshops take place in an online group session. In the workshops, we discuss relevant topics such as confidence, overcoming fear, and living our unique authenticity. We combine knowledge with mindfulness practices and yoga sequences to strengthen the mental, physical, and spiritual body.

My goal in working with you is to bring back that excitement for life. We uncover what you truly want in your life and what is holding you back from taking inspired action. With special tactics, we work towards bringing back the unapologetic and authentical YOU. 

Yoga and meditation are great ways to connect deeper to ourselves and take a moment to detach from stress. It strengthens our physical body and mental focus, giving us clarity for our direction. We are shifting our focus back to ourselves and learn what we truly need and what feels right. 

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My Services

There won't be any judgments. Everyone's path looks different, and so do the struggles that come with it. My goal is to create an awareness and understanding of where you are in life, help you find compassion for yourself and your journey, and see how we can create positive change.  

I don't believe we are meant to carry burdens, sadness, anger, and frustrations with us for too long. I believe that we are meant to enjoy this life and learn from the obstacles along the way. ​​

When we are stuck in a difficult phase in life, it can be challenging to switch or redirect our focus to see the purpose or good of it all. Sometimes, all we need is to shift our perspective and shine a light on difficult situations that bring clarity.

My goal in working with you is to help you feel yourself again and build a solid foundation to navigate life and its obstacles successfully. I aim to bring back the flourished you that is no longer holding back but feeling empowered to create a life you love living. 

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My Approach

In my sessions with clients, we create a space where everybody is invited to show up authentically and where we meet at an eye level. I aim to create a safe space where you can drop the mask if you'd like to. 

Your ability to heal is greater than anyone has permitted you to believe.


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Free Workbook

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Find out what you truly want!

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Get in Touch

I am looking forward to hear from you.

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