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Reiki is an alternative energy healing therapy that works on our energetic body. It can help dissolve energy blockages and tension, help to relieve physical and emotional pain, stimulate the body's immune system, support the well-being of a person, promote a deep state of relaxation, and mental clarity. When we are in a relaxed state of mind, our bodies focus on healing. We detach from the stress and pressure of our everyday lives and gaze inward. Reiki energy works on your physical, emotional, and energetic body, which makes it an effective way of dissolving unbalanced energy.

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About Me

Hi there, I'm Elena. In the last few years I transformed my life in a complete new direction. I stepped away from my profession in real estate in search for more fulfilment in what I do and following my passion in helping others on their healing journey’s. 

I'm from


About Me

living in California.
I offer 
Healings in English &
German language.

Empowerment Coaching
Becoming Who You Truly Are

Do you have this inner calling of wanting to change something in your life? 
You are feeling stuck/blocked, or deeply unsatisfied with your current situation in life? Yet you have no idea where to begin.


You feel it already for a while and you know that it's time for a change but your mind is making up so many brilliant excuses as to why you should stay in the comfort zone where everything is safe and familiar?

We often tell ourselves that things aren't too bad. We often play our problems down and convince ourselves that everything is just fine. But deep down we feel the incredible burden that won't just disappear by working harder or doing more. 


My Approach

One of my greatest gifts is the ability to see people for who they truly are. In my sessions with clients, I create a space where everybody can show themselves authentically.

There won't be any judgments. Each and everyone's path looks differently, and so are the struggles that come with it. 

I don't believe that we are meant to carry burdens, sadness, anger, and frustrations with us for too long. I believe that we are meant to enjoy this life and learn from the obstacles along the way. ​

When we are stuck in a difficult life phase, it can be challenging to switch or redirect our focus to see the purpose or good of it all. Sometimes all we need is someone to help us shift our perspective. My goal in working with you is to bring back the flourished YOU that you naturally are. 

Please note that I am no medical professional nor do I give any medical advice. I am not promising any miracle healing! But I do want to help you unlock the strength within you that shows you how capable you are of creating the life you desire. Helping you to redirect your focus and perspective to create a strong mindset that allows you to flourish and embody what you have kept hidden for far too long. I'd love to dive deep with you into bringing back your true nature and embracing 

Who you truly are

Your ability to heal is greater than anyone has permitted you to believe.


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