My Story

For a long time, I felt lost, frustrated, and angry at the world. I was simply miserable and completely unhappy with the life I was living. I always knew that there was so much more out there for me, but I had no clue where to even begin. 

Fast forward.. I started to work on myself. 

I started to really listen to my body, mind, and soul in order to find out what put me in such a miserable state. I began to focus on what I truly wanted in life rather than what others expected of me. Most importantly, I started going on a journey to find out

Who I Truly Was. 

Spending a lot of time with toxic, narcissistic, and emotionally unavailable people has left me incredibly insecure, scared of speaking my truths and needs, scared of establishing boundaries with people, scared of failure, and scared of opening up to who I authentically am.

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In order to heal myself, I had to make changes. I had to leave a lot behind. Especially habits, old beliefs and friends that made me feel small and hopeless. During this process, I was ridden by anxiety. My feelings of self-worth did not exist, and I was distressed by all sorts of guilt feelings. It took me some time to heal from my panic attacks and bring my mental health back into balance. 


Changing and transforming my life in order to feel physically and mentally healthy has been incredibly empowering as well as liberating. As scary as following my own intuition and feelings might sound, it hasn’t led me down once. It proved that I am very much capable of trusting myself. Trust that you will be guided in the right direction. A path of going for a life I desire to live. A path of becoming who I truly am and embracing my true nature without holding back. 

And the very best part is that if I can do it You CAN Do It. 

Sometimes all we need is somebody that supports us and allows us to authentically open up without receiving any judgement. Whether this is a partner, a friend, or somebody like me, that you stumble upon on the world wide web,

I do believe that certain people are meant to be brought together for a reason.



My Approach

Whether you are going through a really draining phase in your life, you have physical and/or emotional pain, or you simply seek a moment to yourself, I am here to create that safe space for you to deeply relax and reconnect back to yourself. 

I know what it's like to go through a thunderstorm in order to heal, change, and transform one's life. I know how burdensome, and frustrating it can feel at times. But know that you don’t have to push through it on your own.

One of my greatest gifts is the ability to see people for who they truly are. Helping people see their struggles and burdens from a completely different point of view and building a strong mindset that helps them overcome any obstacles along the way. 

Sometimes all it needs is a shift of perspective in order to see the bigger picture in a completely different light. 

Before I Changed My Profession


Before I transformed my life into a complete new direction I was working in the real estate business in Germany and continued when I moved to Texas.

In my previous office jobs I always I found myself being the shoulder to lean on when one of my colleagues needed me to have an open ear. Since this happened in every job I started realising that I might have a quality that could be better applied else where.I later realised that the path I was going down was centered in helping others on their healing journeys. 

Before that realisation my husband and I wanted to go on a journey in finding out what truly full-filled us and sparked great passion within us. 

Travelling the world is our passion. So we decided to quit our jobs and travel the world for one year full-time in order to find out what it truly was that we wanted in life. We both knew that life has so much more to offer and there has to be more than just this one direction that everybody tells you to follow. We knew that if we really wanted something we could make it happen somehow.

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After traveling to many countries and different cultures I have not just expanded my mindset in a complete new way I also started to follow my intuition in finding out what my true life purpose is. Along this path I became a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance, Online Business Owner, Reiki Practitioner, and building my new path in empowering others to go for their dreams and heart desires. 🧡

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