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Empowerment Coaching 
Becoming who you truly are. 

Do you have this nudging feeling of needing to change something in your life? Yet you have no idea where even to begin? Maybe you tried to distract yourself but kept noticing that the feeling of wanting to change something keeps on coming back. When we think of change, we often think of big, impossible obstacles that are too hard and difficult to overcome. But what if C H A N G E is easier to establish than you think? 


My goal in working with you is to change how we think, believe, and perceive the world in a lighthearted and fun way.

I went through my own healing journey to regain a healthy self-perception and rebuild my self-esteem and confidence. I know what it's like to beat myself up, telling myself I wasn't good or professional enough. I thought that other people would always do better than me. I let others talk down on me without standing up for myself.

I was ridden by an incredible amount of negative self-talk, which sabotaged my success and happiness. I let myself be held back by others because I lacked the self-esteem and know-how to live authentically.

You might think that accepting your current circumstances (that might not make you happy) is the easiest and most convenient way. Also, convincing yourself that your problems aren't that bad or others have worse problems is easy. 

What if I tell you that you can always change your story? You can always get out of any situation you find yourself in and transform it into something beautiful. There is no need and use of silently suffering when you can change something. There are ALWAYS solutions to anything that doesn't make you happy. No matter the size of the obstacle, we can build a bridge to cross it.

Awareness is Key

Interactive Workshops
Workshop | Yoga Sequence | Mindfulness Practices

In the online workshop, we discuss topics that might present a challenge in our everyday lives. Within a small group, we discover how to change how we think and perceive certain things and find a new way of approaching situations. We gain new insights and perspectives that help us in creating long-lasting changes. The workshop is interactive, meaning there is time to reflect on ourselves, write down our thoughts and intentions, meet on an eye-to-eye level, and learn from each other to embody the NEW.


At the end of the workshop, we reflect on everyone's personal experiences with the topic, share the challenges in their daily lives (if they want to), and finish by sharing the new perspectives and thoughts they gained throughout the workshop. 

Workshop Topics

Confidence - How To Gain It

Fear - How To Successfully Face And Overcome It 

Transformation - How To Embrace It 

Authenticity - How To Live It Without Holding Back

Empowerment - How To Get There 

Self Worth - How To See It

Self Appreciation - How To Discover It

Workshop dates coming soon. 

For a long time, I blamed everyone around me for my misery. My everyday thoughts were: Why is everyone stressing me out? Why is everyone pulling on my energy? Why are others constantly exhausting me and leaving me drained? Why is nobody seeing me for who I am? Why are others not respecting my boundaries? Why am I always saying yes, although I want to scream no?

I was so frustrated and exhausted. It took me a while to realize that I can contribute to how I want to feel and deal with difficult situations. I came to understand that I can not change my circumstances, but I am capable and able to change the way I face them. 

My whole life, I focused on everyone else but myself. I put everyone else's needs and expectations above my own. So, when I learned to take other people off a pedestal, see everyone on an eye-to-eye level, and truly listen to myself, my life changed. I learned how to deal with people without getting stressed out or feeling pressured.


Listening and acting on my own instincts has taught me courage, strength, empowerment, and personal joy. I'd love to share the mindset and practices that have helped me overcome insecurities, a downward spiraling mentality and mental burdens to step towards a life of pure joy and inner strength. 

My Experience



& Meditation


Yoga - Unity of Body, Mind and Soul

Yoga is a beautiful practice that helps you to connect back to yourself. Although we strengthen our bodies by practicing the poses, Yoga is no sport. It is a practice that helps unite the body, mind, and soul. 


Yoga is also a powerful practice to help you embody confidence, strength, focus, and clarity. 


Practicing Yoga poses allows you to shift your focus inward and become aware of what is happening in your inner world. When we allow ourselves to listen inward, we gain all the focus and clarity we need to propel us forward. With that, we can create the positive changes we need to establish a healthy and balanced lifestyle and mindset. 

"Yoga doesn't just change the way we see things, it transforms the person who sees."


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